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Leaders and Legends, LLC unites the expertise of Robert Vane and Chris Spangle, offering over 25 years of combined experience in podcasting and digital media. Our services span podcast and video production, show management, hosting, writing, public relations, event organization, marketing, and brand development. We apply industry-leading practices to ensure your project's success. Transform your vision into reality with the unparalleled guidance of Leaders and Legends.
What We Do
Our services are designed to cater to both aspiring and existing podcasters, organizations looking to navigate the new media landscape, and individuals looking to lead communities.
Consulting and Coaching
Got an idea but not sure where to start? Our consulting and coaching services are tailored to take your concept to completion. Whether it's short-term guidance or ongoing support, we’re here to navigate the complexities of media production together.
Audio and Video Production
Quality content is key to capturing and retaining your audience. From recording to editing to podcast management, our hands-on approach ensures your content stands out in the crowded digital landscape.
Build your reach and engage your audience through in-person and online events. We’re here to help you expand your network and connect with your community on a deeper level.
Our Services
Our goal is to deliver value to our client through high-quality services
Start your podcasting journey stress-free with a comprehensive launch service that covers technical setup, artwork, and coaching to avoid wasting time and money. Our team ensures your podcast debuts with impact, ready to captivate listeners.
Fine-tune your podcast with our in-depth audit service. Spend two hours with our experts to uncover optimizations that will amplify your show's impact and extend its reach.
Transform your podcasting aspirations into reality in just one day. This dynamic workshop covers concept development, technical setup, and publishing, ensuring your first episode is live by day's end.
Receive a clear, concise roadmap for your podcast in just one hour. Our Quick Start Plan equips you with a strategic plan, equipment recommendations, and more, setting you on the path to podcasting success.
Elevate your podcast with our suite of editing and production services. From on-site recording to guest management, we offer a range of options to fit your needs and budget, ensuring a professional and stress-free podcasting experience.
Utilize Chris Spangle's extensive experience in broadcasting and digital media through tailored consulting services. Ideal for content creators and organizations, these services aim to refine messaging, strategy, and impact in the new media landscape. We offer monthly retainers and training for organizations.
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Quick Start Podcast Plan - $300
Our Quick Start Podcast Plan service provides a one-hour conversation that produces a road map to start your show.
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Podcast Audit - $500
Optimize your podcast with our audit service.
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One Day To Published - $700
One Day to Published! Stop dragging your feet and start your podcast in a single day!
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Looking for a Launch or Coaching?
Meet with Chris Spangle to discuss podcast launch or production services, or for high-level communications consulting.
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Meet Our Team
  • Robert Vane
    Managing Partner
    Robert was called “the great communicator” by the Indianapolis Star's Matt Tully, and has directed or contributed to the communications strategy and execution for some of Indiana’s most significant and high-profile projects and initiatives.

    He is the principal of Veteran Strategies, an Indianapolis-based public relations firm. Robert served as deputy chief of staff and communications director for Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard. He also is a veteran of the United States Army. Robert’s columns and opinion pieces have appeared in both The Indianapolis Star and The Indianapolis Business Journal.

  • Chris Spangle

    Vice President of Creative Services

    Chris has 20 years of radio experience, and currently serves as the Digital Director of the BOB & TOM Show. He is also the founder of the We Are Libertarians Podcast Network and hosts the Chris Spangle Show podcast. He is a co-host of the comedy podcast "The Patdown" and was featured on BET's Ms. Pat Settles It!

    He is the host of Podcasting and Platforms.

    Chris is heard weekly by nearly 50,000 listeners across his shows and has edited and uploaded over 20,000 podcast episodes since starting his podcasting career in 2007. He also worked as the audio editor for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and a producer for Abdul in the Mornings on WXNT.

Our Podcasts
  • Leaders and Legends
    Conversations with Indiana's most influential men and women presented by Veteran Strategies, Inc.
  • Podcast and Platforms with Chris Spangle
    Learn the essentials of podcasting while mastering community engagement with Chris Spangle's Podcast CONNECT Method, blending proven content strategies with social engagement to build local connections.
Our Clients
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